Pistachio trees originally come from the Middle East, Persia (Iran), Syria, Turkey, and Greece where dry lands and desert climates are available. Pistachio trees have been cultivated for more than three thousands years. Persian high positioned desert regions with abundance of sunshine are ideal for growing pistachios. Some deserts located in the south of Iran such as in the Kerman province exceed two hundred thousands hectares with perfect soil for the growth of pistachio trees. Pistachio trees planted in orchards need approximately seven to ten years to reach maturity.

Between Iranian people pistachios are known as “Green Gold” and are considered as an important commodity in both nutritional and economical forms. Pistachios occupy a special place in the heart of every Iranian. Pistachios can be found in every Iranian household because they have become a part of the Iranian culture by bringing families together

As the Yekta Tejarat company is growing and producing Iranian pistachios, we have the ability to supply all type of pistachios and Kernels based on your enquiries and specifications.

Make good in heart: it contains a unique combination of ingredients that help to lower cholesterol and prevent the creation of arteriosclerosis

Have the fewest calories: a handful of pistachios returns 170 calories, i.e. as two small fruits

They have less fat than other nuts

Contain large amounts of antioxidants, more than any other nut.

Contain vitamin B6, which is essential for good health and the proper functioning of our metabolism.

It is the richest source of fiber: contribute to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system, reduce cholesterol and to better regulate blood sugar levels.

Contain more plant sterols than any other nut: help reduce cholesterol, protecting our hearts from the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Contain manganese and magnesium, essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism and benefit especially in people with intense daily activity