Our History

Yekta Tejarat Khebreh (YTK) Corporation was established in 2014 to develop the business and unique enterprise for The Lapehchis’ commercial activities with 50 years of experience. At present, YTK is active in large scale, import of various articles including rice,legumes, spices and coffee products to Iran. On the other side YTK is one of the exporters of pistachio, saffron and date to all over the world. In addition, to cut off the prices and attract the attention of customers to provide desirable products with reasonable prices, YTK is eliminating the mediators’ hands by direct supplementation of final customers’ needs under Yazdan, Khebreh, and Muge brands. YTK has invested a large amount of budget on recruitment of experienced managers and training talented youth in the fields of marketing and channel distribution of foodstuffs and providing essentials to reach its goals.