Channel Distribution of Foodstuffs

Channel Distributing of Packaged Foodstuffs to supply the all needs of final users around the Iran

Exporting Pistachios, Saffron and Date Products

Interacting with the most prominent agricultures to make the most desirable products with reasonable prices to satisfy the customers wills

Major Importer of Rice, Spices, Beans and Coffee

Taking advantage of competent hard-working personnel and fifty years experience in food services business with focus on importing rice, nuts, spices and coffee products

Aims and Activities

Yekta-Tejarat Khebreh Corporation takes advantage of competent devoted personnel and long valuable
experiences in food services business. We are active in importing rice from Indiaand Pakistan as well as
spices, nuts and coffee products. Structural essence and strategies are founded and developed
so as to reach the best quality and satisfy customers wills around the country.

Export and Import of Foodstuffs

Yekta Tejart Khebreh (YTK) corporation was established in 2014 to develop the business unique enterprise for Laphechi commercial activities with 50 years experience. At present, YTK is active in large scale import of various articles including rice, nuts, spices and coffee products to Iran. In addition, to cut off the prices and attract the attention of costumers to provide desirable products with reasonable prices, YTK is eliminating the mediators’ hands by direct supplementation of final costumers’ needs under Yazdan. Khebreh, and Mukeh brands. YTK is invested a large amount of budget on recruitment of experienced managers and training talented youth in the fields of marketing and channel distribution of foodstuffs and providing essentials to reach our goals.

Distribution Department

With the establishment of the yekta Tejarat Company we decide to run our own distribution department as well so.
To achieve the latter, we had remarkable investment in recruiting experienced sale staff and to further create proper sale network. Other than own branded product, we also provide other high quality product like as tuna, pickles, Jam, sauces and kids food to the market.
The final customer of the company ranging from hypermarket to minimarket and grocery shops all across Iran.
Our company applies its detailed knowledge of the unique and developing Iran market. Using a sales team with more than 120 trained personnel and up to date sales system, let our company focus on non-conflicting brand groups to give close attention to local planning and implementation of global marketing strategies .
Yekta Tejarat Company owns offices, warehousing and transportation facilities in Tehran and 15 provinces directly, in other provinces we have an active agent at least.


  • Full coverage of the Iran’s retail trade.
  • Centrally located warehouses in Tehran and 15 provinces and in other provinces, we have an active agent at least with complete infrastructure
  • Advanced operating and management system.
  • Marketing professionals to develop and implement brand plans.
  • Sales and merchandising teams to action sales and distribution plans.